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Q: Who is the ASE Group?
A: The Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) Group is the world's leading subcontractor of semiconductor back-end manufacturing services. 

We offer complete turnkey services, including IC packaging, IC testing, substrate design and manufacturing, module assembly, and Electronic Manufacturing Services (mainly through USI, Universal Scientific Industrial). 

We are a global corporation with group headquarters located in Taipei, Taiwan and manufacturing facilities in 3 continents in close proximity to our blue-chip customers to service their global needs.
Q: How long has the ASE Group been in business?
A: ASE Inc. began providing semiconductor assembly services to customers in 1984, and ASE Test started providing semiconductor test services in 1987.
Q: What is ASE Group’s revenues breakdown?
A: IC ATM (IC assembly, testing, and material) and EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) are two major revenues contributors of ASE Group.  For detailed and latest revenues mix information, please click here
Q: In which areas of the semiconductor manufacturing process does ASE compete? And in which areas of the EMS does ASE compete?
A: The ASE Group provides a complete range of services for the back end of the semiconductor manufacturing process, including wafer probe, packaging, development of customized test program and related hardware, burn-in test, final test, dry pack, tape and reel, and drop shipment.  The Group also manufactures lead frames and substrates that are used as raw material during the packaging process. For EMS, the ASE Group provides ODM/EMS services including design, miniaturization, material sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, and after services of electronic devices/modules for customers.
Q: Who are ASE's competitors?
A: As a full-service provider, ASE currently faces competition only in individual segments of the semiconductor manufacturing process, but does not have a direct competitor able to provide the full service solution. Competitors can be grouped in the following areas: 

Front-end Testing: In-house capacity of design houses and integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), etc. 

Wafer Probing: IDMs, wafer foundries and other independent testing houses 
Assembly/Packaging: Amkor Technology, JCET (Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology, who has acquired STATS ChipPAC) and IDMs, etc. 

Final Testing: Amkor Technology, JCET (Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology, who has acquired STATS ChipPAC) and IDMs, etc. 

Substrate Manufacturing: Ibiden, Shinko, Unimicron, Kinsus, etc.

EMS/Board Assembly: EMS/ODM/module vendors, including Hon Hai, Quanta, Flextronics, etc.
Q: What is ASE Inc's fiscal year?
A: Our fiscal year is the same as our calendar year and ends on December 31.
Q: Does ASE Inc. issue quarterly reports?
A: To view our webcasts of past quarterly earnings releases, please click here
Q: How do I get a copy of your Annual Report?
A: To access our Annual Report online, please click here